Saturday, October 18, 2008



this's one bigg example for those who feel life
is a burden ,troubles om..n
thas only the version..of life.
It alwz shows you lik DHOOP/CHAAVE..........
One shud not give up..hops..
for those that bemoan life and complain...........
for those that take their existence for granted
be thankful foar al you have in lifee..may be...
bigg or small.
see a sort of inexplicable enthusiasm,firm confi
dence and indomitable tenacity , Marvelous..!!

an exceptional..exmaple..for those who lives in
Distress ..cause of futile,frivolous and trivial.....
lets try 2 learn lesso

Miracle man walks again....Hopppppppppppppp
stil hopps....never say no 2 lifee..its beautifulllllll

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